Lace closure - Big wave

Lace closure - Big wave

All of our closures are made from 100% Cuticle hair. These pieces have baby hair and a natural part for added realism. Features of our lace closures include;
•	Quality Lace Base
•	Breathable mesh base
•	Parts in any direction
•	Baby hair for realism
•	Made from East Asian cuticle hair.
•      Base Dimensions: 4" wide, 4" front to back
  • Hair Care

    Maintenance: Maintainyour hair by shampooing and conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner is alsorecommended. Styling and maintenance is required to reap the many benefits of this hair. The hair comes to life after treatment, and gets better overtime.

    Hair Colour: Ourvirgin hair comes in a combination of completely natural off-black and darkbrown colors. There will be color variations between bundles, some lighter andsome darker. We carefully match colors and textures, but please note thatbecause each bundle of pure virgin hair is unique, colors and textures willvary. The hair can be colored, we suggest using a professional stylist for colouring.

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