Sassynoir, a natural hair extensions company, is a subsidiary of My Hairluxe; a raw hair company which was founded in June 2010 and has since then been retailing pure raw human her extensions from around the world.



Over the last decade, a lot of black women have transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair; we have found the need to create hair extensions that are same or similar to their natural hair to make protective styling more enjoyable. We have created different types of extensions in the form of weaves, closures, clip ins and wigs to create versatility in length, volume or thickness and even colour. Yes colour; since our natural textured hair created through steam is 100% human hair, it can be coloured and styled in many different ways to suit personal preference and style.


Since we all have different natural curl patterns, we have created four different textures of hair extensions to make protective styling much easier and natural looking. Our natural hair extensions textures include kinky, kinky curly, curly and Afro blown.


Our textured extensions have been created for natural ladies, ladies in the transition process and relaxed ladies who want to have the experience of the natural lady.


Why choose us?

SassyNoir deals strictly in textured 100% human hair extensions of varying lengths. Our collections are produced with Organic hair is 'unprocessed' natural human hair. This makes our hair the healthiest you can buy. Why? Chemical processing tends to damage hair cuticles. The hair cuticle is the outermost (protective) layer of the hair, it is the first line of defense against all forms of damage. When cuticles are damaged as a result of overprocessing, hair tends to look dull, tangles easily and becomes difficult to manage and unattractive after just a few washes.


Hair extensions made from this type of healthy hair can be worn over and over again, The hair on all SassyNoir extensions is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.